• Grow Oyster Mushrooms in large bags

    Grow Oyster Mushrooms in large bags

    Ever wondered how to grow delicious oyster mushrooms the easy way? Why grow Oyster mushrooms in small bags when you can use big ones?? Forest Fungi now sell large oyster mushroom bags for super easy cultivation, storage and most importantly picking!

    Osyter mushroom large bags

    The best thing is the bags can be used for any Oyster mushroom you fancy...Pearl Oyster, Blue Oyster, Coral Pink or Candy Yellow.... Personally, we are work minimalists. We love growing and eating our mushrooms, but crikey, I really do appreciate being able to pick them easily! All you need to do is gently twist and fill your bowl.


    We simply fill the oyster mushroom bags with sawdust (that's right...no sterilisation, pasturisation or even lime wash) tip in your oyster mushroom grain spawn, hang and off you go! That's right, simply fill, hang and grow....

    Forest Fungi is pleased announce we are now selling large oyster mushroom cultivation bags in packs of 100.