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Will Borowski from Forest Fungi has been teaching people from all around the world how to grow gourmet mushrooms for over 10 years. Over this time, he has received many comments and feedback: 

"Best mushroom course ever!"

"Where there is a Will there is a way to grow mushrooms. Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful knowledge and experience"

"Many thanks Will for sharing your knowledge in mushroom cultivation. I'm totally inspired to get the venture going at Milkwood. Thanks heaps!! 

Learn how to grow mushrooms Sydney

"You embody your dream and live by your name. Thank you for the generous sharing of knowledge" 

"Unquestionably one of the best, if not the best permaculture courses I have attended. Will is a brilliant, competent and patient teacher. The value was beyond compare. I recognise teaching excellence and this was 'right up there'. In spite of being a newbie to myco-culture I am feeling confident that success will ensue. Thanks so much Will and Ginger" 

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"Another wonderful workshop conducted by the maestro of mushrooms himself, thanks Will!!" 

"I love how you threw away the rule book and dove into prolific experimentation that we can benefit from"

"Will, thank you for teaching us how to teach ourselves. Truly appreciated"  

"Many thanks, Will, you've opened up and entire world for me. Intrigued by the ability of mushrooms to feed us and to clean up after us - even cigarette butts" 

"Thank you Will. I could listen to you for days and days - your knowledge is over flowing. A true font of mushroom knowledge. A day jam packed" 

Students of Forest Fungi learn how to grow gourmet mushrooms

"Thanks heaps Will! I appreciate that you offer alternatives to the Stamets-centric methods. Keep on spreading the gospel brother!"

"Thank you Will...for the great weekend you have afforded us. I've been showing up at  field days/seminars/workshops for 60 years. This weekend has been the best. The level of take home resources you have given us have been (illegible word)"

"Where would we be without people who import knowledge? You're a legend Will, thank you! I thought this course was going to be good and it was even better! Such an accessible course, bloody great work!" 

"Will, thanks for being so willing to share your vast amount of knowledge so refreshing in this day of copyright etc. Really enjoyed your approach and looking forward to giving it all a try" 

Learn how to grow gourmet mushroom courses Sydney

"What  an incredible course with so much useful information. A very valuable use of time and money - can't wait to start growing my own! Thanks heaps" 

"Thank you all, and especially Will for the amazing information - so well paced and  a great learning process over the two days: talking through the steps and then going through them. Great group of folks too!" 

"Love your 'can do' attitude and dry humour. Thanks for sharing your great knowledge so generously" 

"Love your alternative techniques, you make it seem so easy. Feeling very inspired, thanks" 

"Brilliant work mate. Love your outlook on growing, thanks for sharing everything" 

"Heading home now, a head full of ways to grow. Excited is an understatement. Thanks Will and family" 

"Thank you for your lovely approach to growing mushrooms. You've made it easy to learn and made it accessible to anyone and bought a lot of humour into the class, well done!! I highly recommend this course to anyone" 

Learn how to grow mushrooms

"A great combination of theory and practical applications of 'shroom' cultivation - thanks Will - the course if fabulous and it's brilliant that you share your knowledge about so freely, and so interesting too. I also like you casual approach to the so called 'rules' of cultivation" 

"Thanks Will for your knowledge and patience sharing your skills and experimentation results. I feel confident now to get started. Valuable course" 

"Thanks for the awesome mushroom class! Exciting, informative and full of goodies to take home. I can't wait to get growing!" 

"I can't think of what my efforts would have been like without this 'knowledge shock'. Thanks indeed Will" 

'Thank you so much for sharing the mycelium story. I can't wait to start growing and eating all these exciting goodies" 

"Thanks for demystifying the process and making it accessible to 'backyarders' - invaluable!" 

"I have spent years looking for this information and suddenly now here it is in just the form I was seeking. Thank  you for your generosity and fervour" 

"It's good to see someone so generous with their time and resources in order to help others gain such valuable knowledge" 

 "Thank you so,so much for sharing such wonderful knowledge and experience. I looked forward to this day for AGES and I wasn't disappointed" 

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