Forest Fungi Enoki Mushroom culture is a good cold climate mushroom,that is why it is also called the 'winter mushroom' in Japan. When grown outdoors, with natural light, this culture is a beautiful golden brown colour and indoors a lovely delicate white. For ease of harvesting, these mushrooms are grown with a high CO2 level and low light, which encourages long stems and a white colour. 

 Broad growth parameters: This is a cold climate mushroom. Enoki will grow quickly in warm temperatures but requires cold temperatures to fruit. They enjoy being covered in frost or snow. If you have a bag you wish to initiate into fruiting you can put it in the fridge for a cold snap for 24 hours. If you happened to leave it in there, it will happily fruit away regardless.

High yield growth parameters:

 Spawn run on grain: 21 – 24 º C   Fruiting: 4 – 16 º C

Likes high humidity 

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