Upcoming Courses

Forest Fungi run various courses so you can learn how to grow mushrooms in and out doors. We have three main packages: correspondence courses, one and two day courses. Check out the table below for all of our upcoming courses around Australia. We are usually in the process of organising additional courses so keep checking out this page for updates! 

Will Borowski teaching mushroom cultivation



Date Course Title  Location /Venue Book Now 
Ongoing  Correspondence Mushroom Cultivation Course your place Correspondence
Ongoing Correspondence Mushroom Cultivation Course for Beginners Australia Wide  Correspondence 
April 13-14 Mushroom Cultivators Course Middleton, Tas

 April 13-14

April 20-21
Mushroom Cultivators Course
Middleton, Tas April 20-21


Learn how to grow gourmet mushrooms at home for aspiring to advanced mushroom growers...

Forest Fungi have developed various courses learning how to grow gourmet mushrooms in Australia to meet peoples diverse training needs, budget, time and/or learning preferences. Courses cover the essentials of low maintenance to high yield mushroom growing for all budgets, with an emphasis on techniques and tools to keep costs and complexity to a minimum.  Forest Fungi mushroom courses can also assist aspiring mushroom farmers to set up small to medium enterprises – based on experience

Basic Course Overviews:  One day courses:
  • One day intensive hands on workshop learning how to grow mushrooms at home.
  • We will take you through the basics of mushroom propagation, which can be adapted to many other varieties.
  • Show you how to inoculate logs with dowels and spawn.
  • Show you how to grow mushrooms on straw, coffee grounds and a host of other compostables.
  • Students take home a raft of resources including cultures, fruiting bags and logs, knowledge, comprehensive course notes, ongoing support and ongoing discounts through membership to the Forest Fungi Culture Club.
  • The one day course was specially designed for busy people who want to learn how to grow mushrooms but find it hard to set aside two full days of the precious weekend.
  • Forest Fungi want to make sure our workshops are accessible for all mushroom enthusiasts, so we specially designed the one day workshop to be cheaper to get your growing for you, your friends and family or possibly the farmers market! You will still learn all the basic principles and receive resources to continue your growing journey when you get home.
Two day courses:
  • Two day hands on workshop in learning how to grow your own edible mushrooms at home. People have also attended to learn how to set up a small scale mushroom enterprise for restaurants or the farmers market.
  • An introduction to the Eumycota kingdom, mushroom foraging, mycorrizal relationships, integration of mycology into the five permaculture zones and more...many questions are asked which can lead down paths such as: Indigenous uses of fungi, mushroom growing cycles and the way they respond to natural climatic events.
  • Learn how to grow delicious organic oyster, shiitake, enoki and other mushrooms at home.
  • You can either attend one day or join Will for two whole days to learn the basics of gourmet mushroom cultivation.
  • The courses have been specially developed for aspiring gourmet mushroom growers to learn how to grow mushrooms at home. You will take home gourmet mushroom cultures, grain, shiitake dowles, grain spawn, detailed course notes and most importantly, knowledge and an alumni of enthusiasts to keep connected after the course.

Short 2 hour workshops

If you are just curious about growing mushrooms, but don't know if you want to make it a hobby (beware, it's addictive!), try one of our 2hr workshops and learn the basics of either log growing, or oyster mushroom growing. You'll walk away with a good understanding of the process, and your own inoculated cultures!

Correspondence Course:

  • Forest Fungi realise there are people all around Australia interested in learning the art of how to grow your own gourmet mushrooms. At the same time, Will Borowski loves to be home growing mushrooms and integrating it into our permaculture garden at home. Therefore we developed the correspondence course so anyone can learn how to grow mushrooms, whenever they want to learn. No need to wait for an upcoming workshop and you will receive intensive one on one support from Will throughout your growing journey.
  • You will learn how to grow the many different Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus sp.), Shiitakes (Lentinula edodes), Pioppino (Agrocybe aegetia), Reishi (Ganoderma sp.) and a host of other Saprophytic mushrooms.
  • We’ll take you all the way from “cloning” a store bought mushroom, building a simple still air box, making organic grain spawn, making your own sawdust spawn and dowel spawn, right through to fruiting your mushrooms on logs, in buckets, bags, jars or ceramic pots.
  • You will receive all the basic equipment and supplies needed to learn how to grow mushrooms at home including: agar, petri dishes, spawn bags, fruiting bags and six different species of delicious gourmet mushrooms on agar. Overseas these cultures alone would cost twice the price of this package
  • Designed for those that want to learn how to grow mushroom at their own pace in their own home.
All attendees to Forest Fungi face to face and correspondence courses receive membership to the Forest Fungi Culture Club where you will receive exclusive access to harder to grow varieties, discounts on items and exclusive ongoing support from Will through the Culture Club facebook group.