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About us

Forest Fungi is a small, family run business, established in 2001, with the goal of encouraging more Australians to grow their own Mushrooms.

When we launched our business, there was no one in Australia supplying small scale growers with knowledge or supplies and equipment. We love Mushrooms, from growing them to eating them, and we want to share our passion for growing mushrooms with others. That's why we we teach people how cultivate gourmet mushrooms, and why we sell supplies for the home grower.

Forest Fungi have demystified mushroom growing for thousands of people, travelling and delivering courses throughout Australia. People have come from all around the world to attend our Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation courses, including: Papua New Guinea, Torres Strait Islands, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, Uganda, India, China, America, Norway, Sweden, France, Chile, Italy, Columbia…the list goes on.

We are located in Woodbridge, Tasmania.

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