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Pioppino Dowels


We make inoculated dowels for you to use in your own hardwood logs. This is probably the easiest way to grow mushrooms. We will inoculate the dowels when you order to ensure they are at the prime for cultivation when they reach your door. It takes around 1 – 3 weeks to inoculate dowels. We love using these spiral grooved dowels as they are super easy to plug into logs and most importantly the mycelium does not come off when inserting. Pioppino mushroom is in the top three of favourite mushrooms, not only for its fantastic flavour and texture, but also for awesome colour and shape as it grows. The Pioppino mushroom is notorious for its smooth rounded cap and long white stem. The cap is yellowish-brown in color with gray gills that turn brown with spores. When cultivating pioppino mushrooms outside, it is best to use the stumps of cottonwood, willow, poplar, and maple trees. It is also sufficient to grow them outside on woodchip beds. We really love pioppino as it has a wonderful chewy texture when cooked. It is amazing is everything. Chop the stems finely.

Please note: Forest Fungi make dowels fresh to order to increase vigour. It takes around 1 - 3 weeks to inoculate dowels.

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