Blue Oyster Dowels

Blue Oyster Dowels
  • Blue Oyster Dowels
  • Blue Oyster Dowels

Forest Fungi make inoculated dowels for mushroom log cultivation in your hardwood logs. This is probably the easiest way to grow mushrooms.


We love using these spiral grooved dowels as they are super easy to plug into logs and most importantly the mycelium does not come off when inserting.

The Blue Oyster is highly recommended for the beginner cultivator as it is one of the easiest to grow. They are also super (super) abundant, great for preserving.

Please note: Forest Fungi make dowels fresh to order to increase vigour and viability. It takes around 1 - 4 weeks to inoculate dowels and orders are shipped as soon as possible.

Blue Oyster Dowels plus Dowel Kit

The dowel kit is designed to provide you with the equipment required to make fruiting mushroom logs, great for growers who prefer low maintenance mushroom cultivation. The Dowel Kit includes: 

  • 1 x 8 mm drill bit designed for log cultivation, and either;
  • 2 daubers with 200 dowel purchase or
  • 10 daubers for 1000 or more dowels purchased

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