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Pleurotus nebrodensis - White Elf on Agar


Pleurotus nebrodensis - White Elf 

1 petri dish of White Elf mushroom culture for $40 OR

4 petri dishes for $60.

The White Elf mushroom is dense and meaty, highly prized in Asia because of its health giving properties and texture being the closest to abalone of many mushrooms. The colour is also almost pure white and so beautiful to grow. 

Please note, you need sub zero temperatures to fruit this mushroom successfully. 



Usage of agar cultures are recommended for the experienced mushroom cultivator. It is not recommended for beginners that do not know how to use agar culture to grow mushrooms. For more information see our further reading page or undertake a Forest Fungi course. 

 Please note: Forest Fungi make agar fresh to order to increase vigour. It takes around 1 - 3 weeks to inoculate.

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