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Why Grow Mushrooms

NOT USED...Why Grow Mushrooms?  Well, being a gardener, naturally I love life, and I find Fungi fascinating. My gardening is focused on edibles, and for me this includes edible mushrooms, not only because they add color and interest, but most importantly, they are delicious! The most delicious mushrooms of all are home grown. Why? Well you know where they've grown and what they've been fed, and you can't get them any fresher. The difference between a store bought mushroom and a home grown mushroom is enormous, much like other produce, as any good gardener knows. Many cultures consider mushrooms to be a healthy addition to the diet, and many medicinal products are made from fungi and their extracts. Although I can't vouch for any of the healing claims attributed to mushrooms, I feel good growing them, eating them, and making tea from them. I have developed some simple techniques, which enable me to grow lots of mushrooms with minimal effort, and I continue to be amazed at how adaptive and forgiving fungi are. Almost anyone, almost anywhere can grow mushrooms, so why not try?