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The Art of Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation with Will Borowski

NOT USED...Event: The Art of Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation with Will Borowski 

Course Description: Join Will Borowski for two jam-packed days of hands-on knowledge in DIY edible mushroom cultivation. Learn how to grow delicious organic oyster, shiitake, enoki and other mushrooms at home. This practical workshop will take you through the basics of mushroom propagation. The principles can be adapted to most mushroom varieties, therefore the sky is the limit! You can either attend one day or join Will for two whole days to learn the basics of gourmet mushroom cultivation. The course has been specially developed for aspiring gourmet mushroom growers to learn how to grow mushrooms at home.
Day 1: You will learn how to: • cultivate gourmet mushrooms, • make a still air box for mushroom cultivation • how to make and transfer mushroom onto agar • make grain spawn • make sawdust spawn • make dowel spawn
Day 2: You will learn how to: • use grain spawn to grow Oyster mushrooms on materials such as straw, sawdust and coffee grounds • supplemented sawdust bags for species including: shiitake, pioppino, oysters and others • make dowels for shiitake logs and other gourmet mushroom log cultivation
Where is the course?
The course is being held at the Sustainability Learning Centre, Mt Nelson, Tasmania.
Where: Sustainability Learning Centre
             50 Olinda Grove
             Mount Nelson, Hobart
             Tasmanian 7001
             Ph: 03) 6223 6377
Time:   9am - 4pm both days
What you need to bring:
Yourself, warm clothing and something for lunch. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided with some light afternoon tea snacks.
Why Grow Mushrooms?  Gourmet mushroom cultivation is not hard and you don't need much to get growing, so why wouldn't you grow your own?? You can reduce food miles, know where your food is coming from and what it has been grown with.  Growing organic gourmet mushrooms is easy. In addition to this, gourmet mushrooms are not only super delicious, cheap, easy to grow and abundant; mycology is an integral component of the natural world! You can grow varieties of gourmet mushrooms in your garden that have a symbiotic relationship with your veggies and make them grow bigger and better than usual! Eastern cultures have revered mushrooms for thousands of years due associated health benefits. Whatever your favorite enoki, oyster, portobello, shiitake or the morel; all mushrooms are loaded with essential nutrients which you can easily introduce to your diet.
Included in your course fee:  You will walk away from this course with over $500 worth of mushroom cultivation supplies, including:
  1. Inspiration and a head full of information to ensure you can grow gourmet mushrooms in your own backyard!
  2. Comprehensive course notes to support your ongoing learning at home
  3. Inoculated shiitake log
  4. Propagate a delicious oyster mushroom bag to ensure you will be eating ASAP
  5. Inoculated shiitake plugs
  6. Inoculated grain spawn
  7. Agar plates for further propagation at home,
  8. Exclusive membership to the Forest Fungi Culture Club receiving discounts on mushroom cultures, and most importantly
  9. Ongoing support and guidance from Will Borowski through email and/or the Culture Club chat room.
More Information: Places are limited so book today. Your choice, you can either attend one day as a taste tempter or attend the whole two jam packed days to learn how to grow mushrooms the easy way! Places are limited so you can secure your place on the course BUY NOW  For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We look forward to seeing you in Hobart for a wonderful couple of days bringing gourmet mushrooms into your life and onto your plate!