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Will mushroom photosNOT USED...Forest Fungi is predominately focus on teaching aspiring cultivators how to grow their own gourmet mushrooms. We also sell mushroom cultivation equipment and supplies, selling most of the supplies you need to get, and keep, you on your way. Whether you are interested in log cultivation, incorporating mushroom cultivation into your vegetable garden or growing under controlled conditions, Forest Fungi have the supplies, equipment and courses for you. Seller of Gourmet Mushroom Live Cultures 1 Agar CultureForest Fungi sell live mushroom cultures, grain spawn and inoculated dowels to support home growers and commercial enterprises. If you are interested in Forest Fungi supplying your mushroom farm with grain spawn, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. Forest Fungi has an extensive gourmet mushroom cultivation culture library including: shiitake, pioppinos, king oyster mushrooms, morels, reishi and various oyster mushrooms. Teacher of how to Grow Gourmet Mushrooms Forest Fungi teachingForest Fungi deliver mixed modes of mushroom cultivation courses, teaching how to grow gourmet mushrooms to meet peoples diverse training needs, budget, time and/or learning preferences. Courses cover the essentials of low maintenance to high yield mushroom growing for all budgets, with an emphasis on techniques and tools to keep costs and complexity to a minimum. Forest Fungi mushroom courses can also assist aspiring mushroom farmers to set up small to medium enterprises - based on experience. Forest Fungi teach how to grow gourmet mushrooms around Australia for those who prefer face to face. If you are interested, check out our upcoming courses page for more information. We provide correspondence training kits online for those who want to learn how to grow gourmet mushrooms but prefer to learn in their own home, at their own pace. The Forest Fungi courses are one of the most popular around Australia as they condense highly scientific, esoteric mushroom cultivation knowledge into easily digestible, simple techniques so you can grow mushrooms in anything, including the simple bucket: Grow mushroom in a bucket Will Borowski has learnt  how to grow gourmet mushrooms from many experts including Paul Stamets. Will has translated Paul Stamet's techniques to Australian conditions and available resources. Comprehensive course notes are also provided that communicates complex information for beginner to advanced mushroom keep all enthusiasts on their way. Ongoing support is also provided with all Forest Fungi courses. Mushroom Cultivation Equipment and Supplies  Inoculated Shiitake LogForest Fungi sell equipment and supplies to support you to grow gourmet mushrooms. Equipment and supplies include: thermometers, mushroom cultivation bags, petri dishes, agar, high speed log drill bits and sawdust spawn inoculators. Through the online shop you can also purchase books and instructional DVD’s, equipment and supplies and live cultures on agar, grain and/or dowels.   Forest Fungi wild Mushroom Hunting Tours  Orange Myrtle Forest Fungi also provide wild mushroom hunting tours for all ages, please refer to Wild Mushroom Tours for more information.
Will mushroom photos