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Forest Fungi

Dowel Kit - Mushroom Log Cultivation


Dowel Kit - used to make fruiting mushroom logs

The dowel kit is designed to provide you with the equipment required to make fruiting mushroom logs, great for growers who prefer low maintenance mushroom cultivation. 

Forest Fungi sell a range of Dowel Kits to best suit your needs. You can choose from: 

OPTION 1: Dowel Kit

1 x 8mm Drill Bit

10 x Wax Daubers

OPTION 2: Dowel Kit Plus 200 Inoculated Shiitake Dowels

Dowel Kit 

PLUS - 200 x Inoculated Shiitake Dowels

OPTION 3: Dowel Kit Plus 1000 Inoculated Shiitake Dowels

Dowel Kit

PLUS 1000 x Inoculated Shiitake Dowels 

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