• How to use Reusable Cellulose Filter Discs

    How to use Reusable Cellulose Filter Discs

    Reusable Cellulose Filter Discs are a new Forest Fungi product and are a great way to make grain spawn and reduce your plastic when growing mushrooms...

    86mm Filter Disc on jar

    We are absolutely loving using the Reusable Cellulose Filter discs to make our grain spawn. They work really well with the Ball Mason jars as the discs fit perfectly. Here is how we use them when making grain spawn: Ball Mason jars come with a two piece lid. 

    Ball Mason jar lids

    Get your jar lid and drill between one and three holes in the lid. Hole sizes can be between 2 - 10mm. The holes are drilled into the lids to allow air exchange but prevent moisture loss. Place your Reusable Cellulose Filter disc in the screw top lid, any side up

    . Filter Disc in lid

    Filter Disc into lid

    Then place the lid which you have drilled the holes in on top of the filter disc. The lid can be placed in either way however some say it can go rusty if placed with the rubber seal facing the filter disc. For this reason we place the rubber seal down towards the glass jar as shown in the picture below.

    Place in drilled lid

     Screw lid on top

    The jars are then ready to fill with grain and pressure cook to make your grain spawn. You can also use Cellulose Filter Discs on other jars however you might have to cut them to size and use silicone to glue them on. Forest Fungi Filter discs are reusable and are a great way to reduce plastic usage in growing mushrooms.