• Mushroom Course at Sydney Permaculture Institute

    Mushroom Course at Sydney Permaculture Institute
    Two days of learning how to grow delicious gourmet mushrooms with Will Borowski at beautiful Bandusia, just 90 minutes north of Sydney.

    It really is the most beautiful place Forest Fungi has taught at. Penny Pyett and Jeff from Sydney Permaculture Institute put on a whole mushroom experience! Not only did people say

    "I have been doing courses for over 60 years and this one was by far the best..."

    but they enjoyed delicious, fresh gourmet mushroom wood fired pizzas by the pool and shared a laugh between sessions. There was a great turn out with people from all around the world. Locals attending from just up in the valley to all the way from Columbia and Peru. What an amazing group of people who were there for different reasons - people who had undertaken other courses in Sydney and  were trying to understand where they were going wrong to developing a social enterprise in Columbia as a community development initiative. One of the most amazing things for Forest Fungi is inspiring and teaching people to learn how to grow their own organic gourmet mushrooms. It was really awesome to see everyone leaving with smiles on their dials, their questions answered, heads filled with knowledge and hands overflowing with resources.

    Will is scheduling the next road trip for 2015 to spread the word on how to grow your own delicious mushrooms for either yourself, family, friends or at farm gate markets. Keep an eye on our upcoming course page for further info.